Fun Times

This has been a busy summer so far and it’s not slowing down anytime soon!  I had a wonderful visit with DD over her birthday.  Eventually, I had to take her back to her home away from home though.  We had a nice one day visit there while we got her settled back in and then I headed on down to see DS and DDIL for a few days.

20190610_182655We had a lovely time.  We were busy and not all the same time!  We just enjoyed spending time together, hanging out, walking to dogs, shopping.  They introduced me to “The Office”.

I love hanging out with them and my granddogs.  And I think the granddogs like me too! Yes, we spent a lot of time on the couch just relaxing and it was wonderful!  I may have even napped with the dogs a bit too.

DS has taught the dogs to high five for their treats.  It’s so sweet.  These dogs are just so smart!  And NO!  I’m not biased at all.  😀

DDIL and I went shopping and had loads of fun.  LOADS!  Don’t tell our men though or we might get banned from each other.  lol She and I have done this the last couple of years at this time and I love it!  Special time with her growing our friendship!  I love the relationship I have with her.  She’s just one of my kids, another daughter to me.

They even treated me to a smoked grilled bologna sandwich with some smoked gouda mac and cheese!  The mac and cheese wasn’t my favorite but it all so YUMMY!

We have very dear friends who live nearby my son and I always hate when we aren’t able to fit in a visit with them.  The GUILT!  But this time with my kids is so very dear to me.  It’s hard to let go of a second of it!  They will move eventually (soon too) and I won’t be able to drive it in one day and so I’m not sure DH will let me go by myself anymore so I have to soak up every second with them!


This kid was my whole world for so long.  DH has always traveled for months or a year + at a time and for the first 5 years it was often just the two of us.  Then when DD arrived it was just the three of us so much.  They are my best friends and I miss them more than I can ever express but I am so proud of them both.  This guy is doing great things.  He has a plan and he is working it!  When he sets his mind to something… well, he’s a force to reckon with.  I could learn so much from him, and I have.

Insert here all the sappy, weepy empty nest stuff…  I won’t bore you but I love this guy and his little family so much!!  I’m so glad they are mine!

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