This… this right here

This right here is why I’ve lost my faith in humanity… this is a pastor!

It’s why my faith in the church is waning.

This is what I’m talking about!!

This is why I’m struggling! And it was a “Christian” friend who shared it in agreement!

This is “spirit crushing” stuff.

What is wrong with this world? What is wrong with people?

When did this become Christian?

I am near done…

And we wonder why the Christian church is dwindling… I think we need to take a good hard look in the mirror.

Are we, the church, really following the teachings of Christ? Are we putting others needs and safety and well, just putting others before ourselves?

Are we treating others, all others, the way we want to be treated?

Have we made an exclusive club out of something that was meant to be for everyone?

Whatever… this was just too much… sorry for the rant… I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been being said for years… I’ve held on as long as I could… my grip is slipping and honestly… I’m ready to Just. Let. Go.

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