In the moment…

Does anyone else have trouble being completely in the moment? It’s awful! My mind is always in 10+ different places. Always! When I’m watching tv, listening to music, cooking, crocheting, talking on the phone, meditating (though this one is getting better), driving, blogging… you name it. Even when I’m reading!! I often have to read aloud to get fully get it but even still I often have to read a sentence or paragraph more than once because I missed it because I started thinking about something else! Even when reading something I’m really into and enjoying!! I seem to have little focus these days but honestly, it’s been this way for YEARS…

I’m trying to work on it. I’ve been putting my phone aside, leaving it upstairs, and whatnot and it helps but not completely. I’m just easily distracted this days! I hate it. I really want to be more in the moment, fully experiencing life, MY life!

But… I’m a work in progress. It’s all about baby steps right? Anyone else have this problem? Is it just me? Lordy, I hope not… offer your suggestions, please!

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    1. Funny you should say that because I woke up this morning thinking I needed to do some free writing to just do a mental dump and do it on a regular basis. I was going to add that to my post but I got distracted and forgot. 😂😂

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