So, we woke up to a beautiful blanket of WET snow… It was a total surprise. I didn’t see it coming. DH’s work usually puts out a weather alert the night before we get any kind of usual weather that might impede driving into work, but there was nothing… we were completely blindsided.

I woke up around 3am to what sounded like someone stumbling around on the roof.  It was a little disconcerting and eventually I mentioned it to DH… we could hear the wind too, so we put it off to a branch blowing… but by 4:45am I told DH that I wondered if Santa was stuck up there!! He said, more like Krampus but we didn’t have a fire in the fireplace going so… we’d have been dead by this time. So, it definitely wasn’t Krampus. 😉 

DH got up and looked out and saw the snow and got back in bed for another 15 minutes then went out with a flashlight to look at the roof… the sound was wads of snow falling off the tree branches… CRAZY.  It was loud and fairly consistent. Bizarre …

Anyway, it was a nice slow morning that ended with DH out with the snowblower in the driveway and me with my rubber broom on the back patio and front porch and stairs… and that called for HOT CHOCOLATE!!  It was delicious and well deserved.

We just don’t have Hot Chocolate enough… I guess we think it’s bad for us so we just don’t drink it that often… It’s not bad for us unless it’s all we ever drink… I’m just sayin’. A little hot chocolate never hurt anyone that I know of so…

After DH’s short nap and a not so short phone call with DD, I made this delicious lunch… A grilled Turkey and sauerkraut sandwich with Muenster cheese on that soda bread I made yesterday.  YUM. 😋 

Poor DH is still on a restricted diet (somewhat) so he didn’t get to enjoy this but I promise, his lunch was just as yummy.

Since then, DH has gone into work for a few hours (it was cancelled for today) and I have been reading about writing… yeah… weird I know, but it’s how my brain works. 

If you are having a snow day, ENJOY IT! If you aren’t… well, enjoy your day too.  💜 

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