Bless to Me – God Is In:Celebrating Presence

Happy Sunday, Friends! Here is this morning worship service. I started it just at the scripture reading before the message. If you'd rather just read it, I'll share the transcript below. Bless to Me Week 7 God Is In: Celebrating Presence We started this journey of blessings 7 weeks ago.  I hope it has... Continue Reading →

Bless to Me The Struggling Times: Facing Illness, Loss and Grief

This week was rough and that made this message rough as well... but I got through it. Our scripture is from 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 and Psalm 31. You can watch the worship service here and if you want you can just fast forward to the message around 10:59. I'll post the transcript below. Bless... Continue Reading →

Bless to Me Heart Prayers: Blessing the World

Hi Friends! Here is the worship service this morning with my congregations. If you'd just like to hear the sermon you can fast forward to about 16:23. The scripture readings are Psalm 103:1-18 and Matthew 5:1-12. I'll share the transcript of the message below if you'd rather read it. Bless to Me Heart Prayers:... Continue Reading →

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