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Grab a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and join me here on my porch for a little chat. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Faith – Here I’ll share about my faith – my journey, my call, devotions I’ve written, maybe a favorite sermon I’ve preached. Basically, it’s all things faith. Not sure if this one get updated much anymore but it might!
  • Empty Nest – My nest is empty and it was hard at first as I missed my kids but one has moved back to the area now so this is where I’ll share more about my relationship with my adult kids and our new adventures as a couple again.  It’s always where I’ll share all things family. Even though they no longer live with me, they are mine and I’ll always be writing about them.
  • The Art Of Life – This is where I’ll share my creative side. Cooking, crafts, art and so on… maily just how I go about enjoying life creatively.
  • Health – I’m on a journey towards being healthier. I recently brought my cholesterol levels back to the normalish range and need to get it a little lower so I’ll share about this journey here.

Recent Blog Posts:

The Wind and Me

Friends, this was me the other night, only picture me sitting on the patio with my arms raised in the air, full on smile, loving the feel and sound of the wind. I LOVE the wind. Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wind. We moved to the area the very end of September back in 2009… Continue Reading →

This didn’t go as planned…

Good morning! It’s been a while… I’ve been in some … places… lol I’ve traveled, I’ve cooked, I’ve cleaned, I’ve worked, I’ve read. I’ve been blissfully happy, deeply sad, horribly angry, sweetly content, full of love, and wholly loved. I’ve been moving in and out of all of these things for months. Life. It’s just… Continue Reading →


Y’all I am heartbroken.  I’m so tired of this pandemic, I’m tired of the non-sensical fight, I’m tired of the misinformation that is constantly being circulated.  What is wrong with the people who started all that misinformation?  Do they just hate humanity?  Are they trying to cull the herd?  Do they think they are Thanos?… Continue Reading →

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