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Grab a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and join me here on my porch for a little chat. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Faith – Here I’ll share about my faith – my journey, my call, devotions I’ve written, maybe a favorite sermon I’ve preached. Basically, it’s all things faith.
  • Empty Nest – My nest recently emptied so this is where I’ll share about this new adventure as we find our way to a new normal. It’s always where I’ll share all things family too. Even though they no longer live with me, they are mine and I’ll always be writing about them.
  • The Art Of Life – This is where I’ll share my creative side. Cooking, crafts, art and so on… maily just how I go about enjoying life creatively.
  • Health – I’m on a journey towards being healthier. I recently brought my cholesterol levels back to the normalish range and need to get it a little lower so I’ll share about this journey here.

Recent Blog Posts:

Boys are different

So this isn’t my new year’s post… I don’t think, that will come later. For now, I want to talk about boys, sons. They are different. My first born was my son. He and I were inseparable. His dad, DH, was gone A LOT so it was often just the two of us. We were… Continue Reading →

Loving this local empty nest thing…

So, yeah, I am totally loving having an empty nest locally! What I mean is that my nest is empty but DD lives nearby and I love that!! She was home as we decorated our Christmas tree at home and then yesterday afternoon DH and I went over to her place and helped her decorate… Continue Reading →

A little more yoga in my life…

That title is to be sung… just FYI… I have tried to sit down many times recently to write, but just keep getting distracted. I’ve got to do better! So right now, I’m tuning out DH to get this down. šŸ˜ Are any of you yoga peeps? I’m an off again, on again kind of… Continue Reading →

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