Is this really even fair?

Ok, So I don’t even think this is fair.  First, we have the raging hormones during pregnancy and now as they are getting ready to fly the coop, we have the raging hormones of menopause or perimenopause.  What’s the deal??  Can’t we catch a break here?

I guess it’s just all part of motherhood and I wouldn’t change my being a mother for anything but I do find it interesting that we can’t sleep or have trouble sleeping during

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pregnancy and the early days (or more for some of us) of their precious little lives and then as they grow older and begin their own lives moving away, we have the menopause (or peri) induced insomnia.  These times in our lives are when we need to sleep the most!!  We need rest to be able to care for our precious babies when they are little and we need sleep to help us be strong as we prepare for that inevitable ‘see ya later’ hug.

And yet… at both times of our lives sleep seems to elude us, or at least me…  The last thing my mom said to me last night was, “get a good night’s sleep so you can be strong for tomorrow.”  But, what did my body do???  Wake up at midnight feeling terrible indigestion, mind racing with all the things I’ve not done yet to prepare my daughter for the rest of her life! (I’ve done it all.)  I got up, took something for the indigestion, and then lay back down reciting the alphabet over and over, hoping it would distract my mind until I fell back to sleep, only wake up at 5:15!  Again, mind racing.  Again, where is that mute button for my brain?

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So, here I sit, sermon already rehearsed, sipping my warm water and lemon (because I read it can help with raging hormones) and listening to it rain.  I’m trying to remember to breathe while holding my breath so I don’t cry.  I know, right, is that even possible??  Well, sort of… yes.

I’m working to find my balance with my emotions.  I’ve always been rather emotional.  I can cry at the drop of a hat but breathing and holding my breath seem to be what I do to keep myself in check.  What do you do?  Do you even have these issues or am I just a weirdo?  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for getting through this! (As long as they are lovingly shared.)

I know I’m going to enjoy the other side of this emptying of the nest, the alone time with my darling husband, the no dance stuff in the entryway, being on our schedule most of the time, not the kids… but I have to survive this side first!!

The first half of today is going to be rough.  It’s darling daughter’s last Sunday to play for us in worship.  I’m a Lay Pastor at two small congregations so this is a biggie for me.  Pray for strength for us both!  And share your tips and strategies in the comments below!


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