Time is fleeting…

As the time is drawing near, my heart feels so heavy and my eyes so full. We pack up the U-Haul tomorrow and head out to her new home on Friday. How can it be time already? This week has just flown by for me. This MONTH was merely a blink of the eye! Like literally, I blinked and now it’s over.

I realized yesterday, that I never made her favorite dish, so I’ve been scrambling to find the recipe so I can make it either on Thursday or one day while we are in her new apartment. That might be smart, that way she can have the leftovers. Hmm… we will have to talk about that. She just might like the idea.

I was at the store yesterday getting a few last meal items and nearly bawled over the asparagus! She loves asparagus! It’s the last time I’ll buy it for her for a while… till Christmas. That just made me think, we will probably have a really strange Christmas dinner as I try to get in all of her favorite foods!! and if my son comes too… it could be the weirdest Christmas dinner ever, but it will be so worth it!! I’m looking so very forward to having my baby chicks back in this house all together again.

Last night my girl and I went see Mama Mia Here We Go Again. There came a moment at the end of the movie where I couldn’t control the tears and I went full-on sobbing! How embarrassing! I mean heaving chest to full-on convulsions! At least I was mostly silent… My sweet girl just reached her hand out and held on until I was good.

I’m getting pretty cranky – mostly towards my darling husband. I mean like it’s all his fault!  Not really it’s MINE!! I was the silly nilly who encouraged her to go for her dreams, to never give up on them. “Reach for the stars!” I said…  What the heck was I thinking??

Now, I want to tackle her and say if your dreams aren’t right here locally, they aren’t worth it!

Not really of course. I’m so proud of her reaching for her dreams, chasing them till she can achieve them and I have no doubt that she will. She is an amazing young lady who is about to embrace the world and make a huge impact on all those around her. She already has but I know she is going to make this world a better place every single day because that’s just the kind of person she is and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Ok, sorry, I’ll get off my mom box now. Well, for now. I haven’t even started to tell you about my amazing son! Next week… You’ll hear all about him next week.

Until then, pray for me to get through this move with some sort of dignity. I’ve got to be strong for my girl. I don’t want to make it any harder on her than it already is, so, yes, pray for this mom, pray really HARD! 🙏

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