The Adventure Begins…

For my daughter anyway. We made it to her new home and it is lovely.

Our 10.5 hour drive turned into 12 with the trailer in tow. And there is a time difference. Yes, my baby will live in different time zone!

Anyway, I digress, we arrived at 7:30pm and got the keys, found a place to park the trailer and began unloading. All I can say is how grateful we are for elevators!

While DH returned the U-Haul, I began unpacking, while DD took a friend on a tour of her building. Then we sent the girls, they will always be girls to me, across the street to Micky D’s for dinner. I know, we will get to healthy eating when all this is done. We had a picnic on the floor and started putting the furniture together.

DH has been amazing! He was totally exhausted but he kept going until we had a couch and and a bed.

At 11:30 we called it quits and tried to get some rest in an unfamiliar place. Not always easy but I think we did.

Today we continue unpacking, working to get her settled, wandering around town and finding our way. These are exciting times!

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