Midweek Lenten Devotional

Picture1My friends,

This Lent, I am doing a sermon series called “Listen: Hearing that Still Small Voice, and Finding Your Own.” It’s based on a series done by Worship Design Studio. I love the idea behind this series and thought it would be fun to share it with you all too as a midweek post with thoughts from my sermons each week. This week we talked about finding our “cave.”

Our Scripture reading Sunday brings us this idea of a cave.

1 Kings 19:11-12 Common English Bible (CEB)
11 The Lord said, “Go out and stand at the mountain before the Lord. The Lord is passing by.” A very strong wind tore through the mountains and broke apart the stones before the Lord. But the Lord wasn’t in the wind. After the wind, there was an earthquake. But the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake, there was a fire. But the Lord wasn’t in the fire. After the fire, there was a sound. Thin. Quiet.

Just before this, Elijah had gone to the cave for safety and while he was there he heard God.  We all need to find a place or activity that serves as our cave.  Where do you go to seek God?  What activities do you do to focus your attention in such a way that you can hear or feel God’s presence?

I shared on Sunday that one of the places I love to go to spend time with God is my chair in our front room, right in front of the big picture window.  For DH, he’s discovering the activity of painting as a way to quiet himself and be present.  These are places and things that work for us, but it might be something completely different for you.  A nice long walk, journaling, playing an instrument, sitting out on the patio or maybe a park bench… there is no wrong answer here.

St. Augustine said that the path to knowing yourself and the path to knowing God are the same path. (Sorry I don’t have the exact quote but this is the general gist.) What do you think he meant by this?

Sometimes, I’m not sure how really “in tune” we are with ourselves, with our true authentic self.  We get caught up so often in what society expects from us, who our family and friends expect us to be that we lose who we were created to be!  It’s important for us to really get to know ourselves – our true selves – our self that God created in us.  Remember that God is within each of us.  We are to be one with him (John 17:21). Therefore, if we truly know ourselves, we can better know God and be more attuned to him.

So, how can you create space this week for an honest relationship with God in the “Thin. Quiet.”

Gracious God,
Help us this week to find our quiet center, our cave where we can go and find you in the silence, find ourselves in the silence.  Open our ears, our eyes, our minds to your voice.  Amen.

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