Here’s a little midweek devotional…


Psalm 147: 1-11 (Inclusive Bible)

How good it is to praise our God!

[It is a pleasure to make beautiful praise!] (a)

YHWH rebuilds Jerusalem,

and gathers Israels exiles. 

God heals the brokenhearted,

and binds up their wounds. 

God knows the number of the stars

and calls each one by name. 

Great is YHWH, and mighty in power;

there is no limit to Gods wisdom. 

YHWH lifts up the oppressed,

and casts the corrupt to the ground. 

Sing to our God with thanksgiving;

sing praise with the harp to our God—

who covers the heavens with clouds,

who provides rain for the earth,

who makes grass sprout on the mountains

and herbs for the service of the people,

who gives food to the cattle,

and to the young ravens when they cry. 

God does not thrill to the strength of the horse,

or revel in the fleetness of humans. 

YHWH delights in those who worship with reverence

and put their hope in divine love.

(a) Ref: CEB

This passage offers such hope in the midst of heartache, suffering and oppression.  It teaches us that even in the midst of all the yuck around us, we have so very much for which to be thankful.   Even in the hardest times there is to beauty to found.  There is always hope.  There is always divine love.

Loving God,

Help us to look around and see the beauty in your creation.  Help us to look around see the good in spite of the not so good and downright bad.  Help us find hope and love in you.  Amen.

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