Here’s a little midweek devotional…


Psalm 135: 1-3; 13-21 (Inclusive Bible)

Alleluia! Praise the Name of YHWH—

sing praise, you who serve the Most High, 

who stand in the house of YHWH,

in the courts of Gods house! 

Alleluia! God is good!

 [Sing praises to Gods name because it is beautiful!] (a)

YHWH, your Name stands forever;

your fame is told from one generation to the next. 

For you do justice for your people;

and you have compassion for your faithful. 

The idols of the nations are silver and gold,

the work of human hands. 

They have mouths but they cant speak;

they have eyes but they cant see.

They have ears but cant hear;

there is never a breath on their lips.

Their makers will come to be like them,

and so will all who trust in them! 

House of Israel, bless YHWH!

Priests of the temple, bless YHWH!

Attendants of the sanctuary, bless YHWH!

You who revere YHWH, bless YHWH! 

Blessings from Zion upon YHWH,

who dwells in Jerusalem!


(a) Ref: CEB

I love how this scripture reminds us of how awesome our God is.  It reminds us to praise the name of YHWH at all times.  I also like how it slips in that little warning of creating idols.  It seems weird and a little out of place to me but perhaps it‘s there to show how very easily we can fall into idol making and idol worship.  

It can happen so easily we don‘t even notice it and the sad part is that as we fall into this we can just as easily become like these idols.  

Our passage reminds us that these idols are merely human made.  They can‘t see, they can‘t hear, they can‘t really speak.  

So we need to be diligent in making sure we are not creating these idols, lifting up things, ideas and even people so high that we shut our eyes, close our ears, and lose our speech.  

We much keep our eyes wide open to see the plight of others, to hear the cry of the needy, to use our voices for the voiceless. 

It‘s important to remember whose we are and who we are so that we can follow in Christ‘s footsteps – loving all, caring for one another, speaking out when we see wrongdoing, even flipping the tables when needed.

God is a loving God.  God is all powerful.  God is worthy of our praise and worship but God asks us to also love all of his creation – the earth and all the people on it. We are God appointed caretakers of creation… how are we doing?


Creator, Teacher, Friend,

You have given us such beauty to in live and we barely even notice it.  We barely even take care of it.  Give us eyes to see the beauty, ears to hear the cries of distress of the earth and it‘s inhabitants, and mouths to speak out and up for those (the earth and it‘s people) who can‘t speak for themselves.  Amen.

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