Christmas In July part 1

So, it’s July… how can it possibly be?  AND the middle of it at that! That means Christmas is less than 6 months away!  It will be here in less than 166 days! What?!?! 😳

Yeah, I know… when I realized this last week, I started working on some Christmas gifts.  If I’m going to make some of them, I’ve got to get it on them so they will be ready.  Plus starting a little early, helps spread out the costs a little. 😁

Yes, I’m one of those people who spend too much.  I think it comes from barely being able to buy gifts to now being able and wanting to make up for the years my gifts were cheap…

Anyway, I digress.  Christmas is coming!  Did you pick up on that?  It is!  I’ve been a little under the weather this past week.  No, it’s not COVID-19.  I’ve had a diverticulitis flare (is that a thing?) and it was awful.  Not as bad as last time when I thought I was dying but still very uncomfortable, so yesterday, I just laid on the couch and watched Hallmark all day and yep… it was all Christmas.

                                       I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️

When my darling son was little he LOVED Christmas!  He would start watching Christmas movies by October.

Back then, Disney had Christmas in July and played lots of Christmas shows.  One of his favorites was “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas”.  We would watch it over and over.


In October he started watching “Jingle All the Way,” another absolute favorite!  He and I were total Christmas buddies.


He always watched my movies with me and the cartoons!  We loved to watch them.  We taped them on the VCR so we could watch them whenever we wanted.

Darling Daughter fell right in line with us on this when she arrived.  We were all Christmas fanatics!  Well, darling husband… not so much, but when DD moved out he did  watch them with me more.  It was sweet. 😍

I love Hallmark movies… I know they are so predictable but I don’t care.  They make me smile and make my heart feel happy and right now… with all this pandemic stuff… I need happy!

Are you celebrating Christmas in July?  Are you watching movies?  Are making gifts?  buying them?  What are you doing?

Stay tuned because I’m hoping to get a couple more Christmas in July posts.




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  1. Christmas always reminds me my family and my father who is not here anymore. I’m not religious but I hope all fathers like mine are in a better place too 😊😉Have Love and Peace 💮🌸🌼🌷🌻🌺🌹

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