How about a little midweek devotional?


“Praise the Lord! You who serve the Lord — praise! Praise the Lord’s name! Let the Lord’s name be blessed from now until forever from now! From sunrise to sunset, let the Lord’s name be praised! The Lord is high over all the nations; God’s glory is higher than the skies!” — Psalm 113

We started a new worship series this week called, “Bless To Me.”  It focuses on the idea of Celtic Blessings.  It’s a great reminder to acknowledge God’s presence in all aspects of our lives… from the little everyday things (housework, waking, sleeping) to the big stuff (grief, loss, birth).  God is in it all and with us through it all and we need recognize him, to praise him in all things.

I shared in my sermon my disdain for housework but how I’m learning that even housework is a blessing (you can find my sermon here if you missed it) and God is in it with me.  

So this week, remember God is all around you, in everything you do and see and so praise him!  At all times and in all things, Praise God’s name.


Bless to you this week, my friend

And all it holds for you.

Happiness, joy, peace and love

Is my prayer for you.


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