It’s a curl up with a good book kind of day…

It’s been a weird week here… still have the worry and now have a sick dog to boot but he is recovering well.

This week, well, the last day or so, I’ve made reading a top priority (my library book is due again) and I’m enjoying a lovely read.  “The Bookshop on the Corner” by Jenny Colgan.  It takes place in Scotland and it is just that… Lovely.

During our road trips a year or so ago, DH and I listened to a book series based in Scotland and I really enjoyed them. I actually finished the series by myself. I think DH was around for the first two but I made many road trips without him so… They were fun little mysteries by Melinda Mullet. They were the Whisky Business Mystery and the first was called Single Malt Murder. DH loves his bourbons and to be honest, I don’t know the difference between a bourbon and a whisky, so I picked it out thinking he would enjoy it. Anyway, it was a fun read or listen.

DD read a book in this Bookshop series I’m reading now and that’s actually how I found it.  I had no idea it was all based in Scotland and I loved the other series, so I was super excited when I realized it.  

DD and I are now ready to move to Scotland to live in a quaint little village.  LOL These books make it seem perfectly lovely and somewhere we would adore… what we would do there… I have no idea but I love the idea of living there… wearing sweaters, the heather, the small villages, knowing the neighbors, a slow life… you know, all the things that some of us like to escape to in books.  If only it could be real life too.

Funny thing is… I live a pretty slow life days just not out in the countryside with sheep or goats or a garden… But it is slow none the less.  And I love it that way.

What are currently reading? 

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