I’m a work in progress…

Why is it that when I’m just starting to wake up, I write the best stuff, I have so much to say and I know just how to say it and then I get up to write it and …

I draw a total blank.  Every. Single. Time.

Drives me crazy!! Why can’t my muse stay with me through out the day?  Why does it have to leave me as soon as my eyes fully open?

It’s one of the tortures of my life. It also happens in the shower, on walks, anytime I’m doing something other sitting with my computer or pen and paper and as soon as I reach for them… it’s gone.

I could have probably written 100 books by now if ever my writing would have stayed with me. Oh well… such is my life.

So… did you watch the super bowl?  How bout them Chiefs!! Whoop, Whoop!  We had a fun evening with DD and DAM (Dear adopted Mom).  We ate waaaayyy too much, we laughed just the right amount and we cheered and booed at the perfect times.  It was a fun evening. 

DH made his famous chili and it was delicious!  Maybe his best ever!  He can’t have chips yet for Frito Chili Pie so, we air fried some French fries and he cut his up small and we had chili cheese fries.  I did have to watch him as he made it… 😉 Just kidding.  The only thing I said was, “Do you know what the purpose of the crockpot is? To fix it and forget it!! Stop opening the lid every 10 minutes!!” 😂 

(Did you read DH’s guest post Saturday, where he somewhat roasted me? If you missed it be sure to check it out here.)

Dh is a great cook.  He doesn’t cook often enough but he’s busy and well, I LOVE to cook!  It’s my love language… cooking for my family but I do love for him to grill and smoke for us.  He does other cooking too but those are actually his favorite.

We’ve been married 30 years now and I’m finally getting to the point where I let him help me when I’m cooking… not just stirring but actually helping where we trade places as the recipe goes.  It’s fun to work together in the kitchen… sometimes… I’m a work in progress. 

Anyway, I have lots of little projects in the mix this week… crocheting, writing, cooking, reading and … maybe even a little organizing/cleaning… I don’t know about that one… we will see.  That’s another thing I have trouble letting DH help with… he tries to throw everything away!  But again… I’m getting better at it… I’m a work in progress.

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