Today, I’m pausing. I think my brain needs a moment.

I thought I’d share, during my pause, my process in this Lenten Journey of my own making. I already shared about how I came to John, you can read that in the Day One post, but I thought I’d share exactly what I do each day for this journey and how I come to these posts.

It’s nothing special, but I read through the scripture with a note pad or my word document open and I just type as I go, jotting down my thoughts as they come to me. I don’t really edit them, other than for typos and such, no content editing.

You may wonder why… well, that’s part of my journey. I want to just dig in and be raw, face my thoughts and ideas as they come. I do occasionally do a little research… read other translations or find the commentary in my bible but I’m tryin not to be influenced by any one else and their beliefs, so that I can fully come to my own conclusions, no matter how naive or cynical. It’s just me, growing in my spirit, no matter how naive or cynical, growth is going on for me and sometimes… I need a pause, to let it all soak in, to come back with fresh eyes to see what I need to see.

So that’s my process… not much to it, but I didn’t want anyone thinking that lots of research was going on, it’s not, it’s just me and Bible getting reacquainted and learning more about each other.

Not that anyone really cares about my process, but someday, when I come back and read it all again, it will be a reminder of where I was at this time of writing.

Until next time… ♥️

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