And so it begins…

Today is our first Saturday as empty nesters.  It’s still early, only 9:05 am here but it’s started out pretty good.


We tidied up the patio and had a lovely breakfast out there but then it got hot and we came inside to finish our tea and coffee.  I crocheted for a bit.  DD needed some coasters.  We bought some while we were there but the condensation pooled on top of them and made a mess so I have begun to crochet a few for her.  They aren’t very traditional but neither is she.

DH and I have been eating at home since we got back from moving DD.  Well, mostly.  At least for dinner.  We are terrible about going out to eat, especially after a rough day and our waistlines are showing it so…  I have planned our meals for the next few days and I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I think I’ve already even dropped a pound or two.  New diet.  EAT AT HOME!!  I’ll keep you updated on how it works.  lol


This was several months ago, DD made homemade croissants from scratch!



I’ve been throwing myself into my church work to keep myself busy.  I have sermons planned through the rest of the year (I’m usually a week to week gal) and special activities to go with some of them.  It’s pretty exciting and also exhausting.


But today, I think I’ll take a break and enjoy working on some Christmas projects I have in the works and maybe tidy up the house a bit.  Mainly relax and enjoy the quiet time and alone time with DH.


Not a fan of photos of myself and DH feels the same about him but I thought we needed to take note of the day, even it is pre-make-up, pre-shower and such.  It’s just us being us and I love us!



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