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So the other day I listed some things I wanted to do more of and one was writing.  I even said maybe I’d try my hand at poetry.  Now, I am definitely not a poet but it was fun to try to just pen a few words together to mean a little something… at least to me.  So I thought today, I’d share one little ‘poem’ with you.  No judgment allowed here!  LOL  (I’m struggling with the format on WordPress… it won’t let me indent the way I want to for the poems.)

Come too soon
and yet
They offer me something new
My choice
To accept it or
Linger in bed
Just a little longer —


And because as I looked over these, I realized these two kind of go together…  I’ll share a second…

Swirling and
Drifting off
into sleep —


Eh, it’s nothing that takes your breath away but they are mine and what I was feeling in the moment.

I also took time to write two letters I had been wanting to write on the lovely stationery with the lovely fountain pen I received for Christmas this year, or last year, because it is a new year.  They almost make it look like I have decent, almost nice even, handwriting!

Writing really is something I want to do more of in my life.  I find it to be therapeutic, healing and sometimes just plain fun.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a writer, an author.  I’ve dabbled here and there and have even been paid a little.  Yay me!  But I know if I want to get better I need it to do it more often.  Not just sermon writing, not just devotions, though those count, but I need to do some just for the fun of it!  Just for the art of it, so I’m working on it.  I can do this!  I’ll write a little every day, here or in a journal, prose, poetry, journaling or letter writing.  Just pen to paper or finger to keyboard.  Just Write!


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