More Empty than usual

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So my nest has been more empty than usual.  DH has been on the road.  It’s been so quiet here! In some ways it’s been really nice and other ways… well, I prefer to be alone all day and then have him come home to me in the evenings.

I finished 2 series on Netflix, or well, caught up with what they have on Netflix anyway.  I’ve almost caught up with all my Christmas movies I recorded during the holidays when I was too busy to watch them.  I’ve gotten ahead on my devotion writing and have started planning ahead on the next sermon series.

I’ve gotten a few ideas about that whole passion thing I shared about the other day.  I’ve still got to muddle through some of it to see it come to fruition but I’m working on it.

I cleaned the house and destroyed it and now need to do a bit of tidying up.  I’ve gone mostly sugar-free with DD and have even lost a couple of pounds.  I’ve started using the treadmill again and doing Yoga Every Day on Gaia most every day.   AND… I’ve done too much sitting all at the same time.

I’ve even started working on our taxes!!  WHAT???  before the end of February??  Crazy for me!

All this to say… it’s a little lonely here but I do talk to DH, DD, and my mom several times a day and that helps.  DH will be home soon and then I’ll be wondering when he’s leaving again, though I don’t do that as much as I used to in the early days.

This whole empty nest has strengthened us and I like it.  We are closer than ever.  Oh, we still get on each other’s nerves and I figure we always will, that’s just us, but 26+ years later, even with an empty nest, I love him more than ever.

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