Passion – fireside musings

When I think of my passions I can only think of two things, my family and God. 20151121_190045

When trying to figure out my ‘calling’ or purpose in life though… well, God seems pretty broad and my family… is my family.

I keep trying to narrow it down.  What is my passion with God?  What is it about God that I’m passionate about?  His love?  Yes, well, that’s still pretty broad.  I want to share it, I want to share his love, his care, I want to help others find and feel his love.  I want to help others know him – not Christianity, not the selfish Christianity that makes everyone fit into a box and be the same, that makes some people feel superior to others or that is exclusive, – – but the love of a father that knows no bounds, no limits, that’s unconditional.  One that helps people to know their worth his eyes.  That he loves them, mistakes and all.  That he wants to connect with them in a personal way, in a way that is unconditional, that meets them where they are.   That he wants the very best for them, for them to happy and loved.  He wants the very best for them.  Just like I want that for MY children.

My passion is to help people understand their worth and to feel that unconditional love of God.

Now how do I do that?

and do it in a way that feeds my other passion – to love my family and spend as much time with them as possible.

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