Healthy cooking for one, please…

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I’ve been cooking for one a lot recently and that’s something I struggle with sometimes.  It’s funny to me how sometimes, it’s so easy and then other times… not so much.  Oh, I don’t struggle so much with the cooking part as I do with the planning part…  What do I cook?  How do I make it healthy?

I’m Worth It!

Well, I was struggling with this last night.  Part of the struggle is just convincing myself I’m worth the trouble of cooking a healthy meal.  Sounds silly but it’s true.  Often, when I’m cooking for just me, I think since it’s just me, I shouldn’t go all out on a full meal. Why mess up the kitchen, right?  I’ll just make something snacky, BUT then I end up eating several unhealthy snacks or I give in and run to a fast food joint.

NOO!!!!  Don’t do it!!

Well, last night, I didn’t.  I cooked a real meal and it was absolutely NO trouble and it was delicious and filling.  It had veggies, it had grains, it had fish.

20190407_185301Those little green noodles are green pea pasta.  I love it but I was almost out so I combined it with some other whole grain pasta I had.  I put a little Munster and Colby Jack cheese on it and YUM!  I sauteed the fish in a pan with a little garlic olive oil and when it was almost done, I added the chopped zucchini.

It all came together so quick and easy, I couldn’t help but think, “Why don’t you do this all the time?”

Really!  It was easy and ready in about 15 minutes.

I’m slowly getting back to my health.  It’s important and needs to be a priority.  My goal is to eat healthier by adding in more veggies (somehow this always slips…) and exercise.  Ohhhh… I need to get back to some yoga!  I really enjoy it when I do it.  And add in my walking again, now the weather is a little nicer.

How do you keep your meals healthy?  Share your tricks and ideas with me!  I can use all the help I can get!

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