Nehemiah Chapters 11 & 12 – Populations


Nehemiah Chapters 11 & 12 – Populations

These two chapters are filled with names and places.  Lots of lists.

1-22  Here they decided who would live in the city of Jerusalem.  The leaders of the people were first mentioned and the rest of the people cast lots to bring one out of ten to live in the Holy city.  The rest remained in other towns.

23-35 Next are lists of leaders who lived in Jerusalem – the priests, the Levites, the temple servants, the descendants of Solomon’s servants, the Judahites, Benjaminites.

And then it lists the names of the villages outside of Jerusalem.

Unbroken lines

12:1-26  Next we have a list of the priests and Levites.  Some were in charge of the songs of Thanksgiving.  Then we have a list of the heads of the ancestral houses.

My John Wesley study Bible says that these lists were to prove the unbroken line of ordination and to give authority to these leaders.

 Dedication of the City Wall

27-43 The Levites were brought in from all over for this great celebration filled with rejoicing, thanksgiving, and music.

The priests purified themselves, the people, the gates ,and the wall.  They covered the wall and gates with 2 great companies each going in different directions to cover it all.

They gave thanks and offered sacrifices.  They rejoiced with great joy! Even women and children were a part of the celebration and all their rejoicing could be heard from far away.

44-47  Now they take time to appoint men to overseeing the stores and contributions, the first fruits and tithes, to portion them out to the priests and Levites.  They rejoiced over those whom would minister and performed services of purification.

All of this was done in keeping with the tradition of “David a man of God.” They are returning to their roots and their faith, following the ways of their ancestors.

Not a lot to say about these lists but they do show how very important their ancestry was and how it gave authority to those from direct lines. 

Now it’s your turn

 Please let me know you were here and share your thoughts!  We learn better together! We are nearing the end!  One more chapter on Thursday. 

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