Stormy days

20180701_155018Don’t you just love a nice rainy day with a little distant thunder? Those are my favorite days to just cuddle up inside and listen to the sounds of the storm. I prefer it to be a distant storm of course and nothing too severe.

What about during those stormy days of life? The ones without rain… Unless you count the tears that can sometimes be involved. What do you do on those days?

Do you pull up your boot straps and push through, or do you hide away and hope the storm passes?

Lately, I’ve been the later. Let’s just hide and maybe it will all go away… Right?

I’m not having stormy days as much as stormy moments… And it’s not really anything too awful just a bunch of little things that add up to my insanity.

My first reaction (after I complain a bit) is to pray. Lord, I don’t know what to do. Help me, lead me, TELL me what to do. Unfortunately, he seldom if ever tells me exactly what to do, so usually, I just keep on going feeling sad and frustrated but putting on a smile for those not in the know or who just don’t care…

Sometimes I start to believe that smile, that everything is ok but almost always it comes back and slaps me right in the face and I’m right back where I was wondering what to do and praying once again for guidance.

What do you do?

I’m thinking of reaching out to a mentor… But what if I don’t like what they say?? Lol. And there lies the canumdrum. Sometimes I think I know what I should do but that makes me sad… What if I’m wrong and it makes me inadvertently say no to God?

I know none of this makes sense without details. I guess I’m really just putting this all out into the universe… Another prayer of sorts. More than anything, I want to always say yes to God and his call but sometimes it’s so confusing… So yes, I’m just sending these thoughts and feelings out into the universe… I hope the universe answers back…


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