A little less empty

Oh, I’m getting so excited!  DD will be home in just days!  No more counting weeks!  It’s not20190403_223609 for very long… but I’ll take it!!

It’s almost her birthday!  Why, Yes!  She will be home for it!  Thank you for asking.  😀 We have great plans and no plans all at the same time.

I even have pre-plans… Any other moms out there who clean their kids rooms before they come home?  When DS went to college, it took me till Christmas to really get in his room and clean it up so it would be nice when he came home.  I just tidyed it up a bit before that.

I failed DD this past Christmas… I did get clean sheets on her bed and made a path from the door to the bed but I didn’t really get it cleaned so I’m hoping this week to get in there and “git’er done!”  I’m putting this out there hoping it will hold me accountable.  I mean, I’ve put it on the internet, therefore it HAS to happen, right?

She has plans galore too – with friends, with me, shopping, eating.  You know, all the fun stuff. She wanted to go camping but DH doesn’t have time for that this time… maybe next time.  I’d love that too!

Anyway, I’m super excited to have my emptynest a little less empty even if only for a few days.

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