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Hats for the needy

Yesterday, I preached on loving others as Jesus loves us and it reminded me I needed to get back to my crochet goals.  If you remember, from my New Year’s Post, I set a goal of 52 crocheted hats to give away to the needy by next winter.  It was supposed to be just one a week.  I know, it gets cold before Jan. 1 but I figured it would average out to that because I thought I’d probably be able to do a couple a week but…

Yep, you’ve guessed it.  I’ve fallen WAY behind.  I should have almost 26 hats by now but I only have 7… I thought I had 10 but unless I’ve misplaced them… there are 7 hats and one scarf.  I’ve really got to get on this!  This is a worthy goal!  This is something I feel passionately about!  I should easily be able to do this.

Part of the issue is of course just sitting down to do it but part of it is also the cost of yarn.  I want them to be nice and warm and I want to use patterns that are fairly simple.  So… I really need to start watching for yarn sales on the wool ease bulky yarn.  It makes up so nice and fast.

Anyway, this is one way I want to love my community and I need to make it a priority.  It’s not that hard, I just need to set that time aside each week and dedicate myself to it.  If I am truly passionate about it then it should be easy.  I can do this!

A friend of mine uses the #livetogive often and she is right!  We should live to give!  We should live to love! #livetolove

How do you love your community?  Do you volunteer?   Do you donate?  Share your “love your community” ideas!  Let’s make the world a better place together!

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  1. I have volunteered at all my daughters schools, but as that’s ending, I need to find something new. I used to be a reading tutor and might try that again

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