Life to Live

What a wonderful week!  Time with my Daring Daughter is priceless.  We celebrated, we talked, we walked, we ate (A LOT). We watched movies, we read books, we sat quietly together, we laughed, we cried.  I think we have made the most of every moment.  We still have a few more days together but I feel things slowing down and coming to a close.

It’s always hard.  This empty nest thing… it can be totally wonderful on the one hand and absolutely miserable on the other.  I’m learning to navigate it, better yet, Darling Husband is learning to navigate it!  Poor guy.  I mean his nest is empty too!  AND he’s not able to get away as often as I am to see them and spend time with them.  On top of that, he has my moody, hormonal, teary self to comfort and console.  Husbands may not get enough credit sometimes… sometimes.  😉 Mine can be pretty awesome. ❤

So this week was DD’s birthday, as I mentioned before, and so we went out about to celebrate!  We hit the downtown area full on.  We started with Beinet’s and a walk around the market.


Then we headed to some retro dress shops and susi!



And ended with time exploring the bookstore shelves and cheesecake!


Oh, but how could I forget, the walk at fountain park where we seemed to have stepped into an 80’s movie and were chased by a Hare Krishna! He was actually a nice older man but he did kind of chase us down to invite us to eat with them. (Imagine him full on running at us.  It was a bit scary.) We polietly turned him down as we had just eaten and continued our walk in the park.  Actually we took time to just sit on the park bench and watch the world around us and it was wonderful to just slow down and be present with my girl.


We’ve done a lot of that this week.  Just stopping and sitting together on a bench and watching the birds, feeling the breeze and sun on our skin, just being present together in the moment. (Thankfully, DD is great at documenting moments like these.)

And isn’t that really what life’s all about?  Being present in the moment? Enjoying life and time? This is something I’ve really been working on this year.  Living in the moment.  Taking time to be with those I love and truly be present with them – whether it’s when we are on the phone or in person.  Taking time to connect – again, in person, on the phone, or by writing letters.  Connecting with those I love is so important to me. I cherish every text, phone call, note, or visit.  (Yep, you guessed it I heard from Darling Son and Darling Daughter-in-love this week!  Always makes my heart jump!)  I’m still a work in progress.  I need to connect with more people more often – my siblings, my cousins, my aunts and friends, and so on, but I’m working on it.  Life is too short not to cherish those we love, every moment of life we have needs to be cherished because we never know when our last moment our last breath will be.

Kids grow up, parents grow old, and distance seems to grow between us but we have unlimited cell phone usage now, we have the internet and video calling.  There is no longer a good reason not to “see” one another somehow OFTEN, other than just not making time. And that is no excuse.

So, as I said, I’ve been working on this.  I still have a long way to go.  I’m a work in progress but I want to do better and so far… I have been!

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