Christmas in July

I thought I’d spend the month of July sharing Christmas in July posts and here we are almost halfway through and I haven’t shared a single Christmas in July post yet!

It’s been crazy.  My emotions have been going haywire, my stress levels have been high and I’ve been feeling like I’m losing my mind but I think a little Christmas in July is just what the doctor ordered!

I LOVE Christmas. LOVE!  It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the music, the movies, the baking, the family time, I love it all!

decorating-christmas-tree-2999718_1920.jpgIn fact, I’ve thought a lot about it and well, when I grow up, I want to be Mrs. Santa Claus. Yes, you heard me right.  I want to be Mrs. Santa Claus!  I imagine that for the Clauses they get to have a little Christmas every day!  Plus, she seems like such a wonderful woman with a fun and happy life.

I guess she probably does have some difficult times as well though.  She has to spend Christmas Eve alone waiting for Santa and I guess things get pretty crazy around the holidays but…

I would love to be Mrs. Santa Claus.  Like I said, I love Christmas, I love the music, the movies, the stories, the baking.  I love church during the holidays; the special music and programs.  I love caroling and spending time with family and friends.  I love the season of giving!  Trying to decide just the right gift for each person on my list.  How wonderful it would be to get to be a person who embodies such a wonderful time of the year, all year!

She is giving, loving, kind, cheerful.  Honestly, I think of the Clauses as being very Christ-like.  They love others, they give to others and of themselves.  I know the songs and stories say there is a naughty list but… I don’t know… I think he (they) wants to give of himself (themselves) to everyone and I think they want to give everyone a second chance.

Oh, yes, I want to be Mrs. Santa Claus when I grow up… I asked DH to get on changing our name and on becoming Santa himself but he thinks he is too mean and cranky… I think that becoming Santa would change all that!  So, don’t be surprised if the next time you see Mrs. Santa Claus, she looks a lot like ME!

I think I’ll finish up the month celebrating more Christmas in my life.


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