Goings on

What a crazy week this has been!  I realized yesterday morning, Wednesday, that I posted my Wonderful Wednesday post on TUESDAY!!  I’ve been a day ahead ever since.  Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.

So very much going on… We moved Darling Daughter into a new apartment this week.  It’s really cute and she’ll have more room.  She will have a roommate but I think that will be good for her.  She’ll have less time to be lonely.   Loved visiting her and getting her all settled in but it was just too short and too busy of a visit to really feel like we visited.  I need to go back soon!  I miss my girl!

Then we dashed down to Darling Son’s for a visit.  It will really be a short a visit but even just a few hours here and there is priceless.  He got a new vehicle and loved showing it off to his dad.

I’ve also been busy trying to get things ready for worship this week and trying to get ahead for the next couple of months.  There’s always something.  Next on my agenda is to visit my mom and family back home and then to get on my house!  I want to start parting ways with things that don’t bring me joy, things that just take up space without any purpose or meaning.  I have too much ‘stuff’ in my kitchen that I don’t use that is just taking up space and causing me stress.  Out it goes!  Well, I hope anyway…  I’m not always good with follow thru… but I have good intentions!

What are your intentions for the next couple of weeks?


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