Christmas In July – Traditions

In keeping with my Christmas in July theme, I’ve been thinking about Christmas traditions.  I have so many from when I was growing up that I just adore and have incorporated into my little family’s traditions as well and I have traditions that we have started new to my little family.

When my son was born I decided I wanted us to have a new ornament each year.  We couldn’t afford those lovely and fun Hallmark ornaments, or really any storebought ornaments at all so I found an ornament-making kit for a just a couple of dollars and I started making them the year he turned one.  He kind of helped me with it.  He’d hand me a bead here and there and then he watched me iron it.


This little ornament started one of my favorite traditions.  The next year, I found another kit for making Christmas ornaments.  It was $19.95 and had the makings for like 25+ ornaments.  He and I each made a new ornament every year from it for years.  When DD was born she joined in.  We still hang each and every one of these ornaments on the tree.  Some were made from paper or cards, foil and cardboard. 20190723_081411

As this kit ran out of fun ones it was okay because they usually made something at church and often I was with them so I’d make one too. We still did it together. We’d still try to make something together at home but it wasn’t always an ornament since we did it at church. We did this until DS was probably 14 or so!  It slowed down as they got older and eventually he quit completely.  DD continued on but eventually DH and I started buying an ornament for them here and there. 20190723_081528

As long as they were around to decorate the tree we would talk about and remember making the ornaments.  Special memories. I can still see us sitting around the kitchen table passing the glue, glitter, and paper… smiling, laughing, singing… So. Much. Joy.


Now they each have their own trees in their own homes.  DD had her own for the first time last year and she made some of her ornaments and decorations herself.  I hope that as they have kids they remember this tradition and maybe try it with their kids too.  Maybe not every year but at least once.  Special time making memories that last a lifetime.  Who knows… maybe when they’ll come and visit their Grammy and we’ll make some homemade ornaments together once again!  I should probably start collecting ornament making items now, just in case but don’t tell DH!  He thinks I collect too much stuff already.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Do any of them involve Christmas ornaments?

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