I think I’m back

cropped-20171010_074145So, my friends, you may have noticed that I took a bit of a hiatus from my blog.  Well, really it was just from writing in general.  Things got overwhelming in my little life and I had to let some things go for a while.

I took time for me.  Time to rest (I thought), time to meditate, to read, to sleep.  Eventually, I had a few hiccups as I was reminded what stress can do to our bodies.  It wreaks havoc!

So, here I am, still working on my health, still working on stress management, still trying to find me, but I’ve discovered that I’ve missed writing.  I don’t know if I’ll be very regular about it.  I hope so!  But I make no promises.  My writing is for me, to help me work out my stresses, and frustrations but also a way to journal my journey to health again.  My hope in sharing it here on the blog is that maybe someone somewhere might be going through some of the same struggles and benefit from my lessons learned.  Lol  Or not.  We’ll see.

You may have noticed that I’ve started sharing devotions.  I used to write daily devotions 5 days a week.  It got to be too much and so I just stopped.  Poof!  For the season of Lent, I’m trying to do a devotion a week about my sermon from Sunday.  I’ve done two so far.  We’ll see how it goes.  If you read one and find it a blessing, YAY!!  Leave me a note to let me know!

I’m also trying to write again offline.  Writing down memories and my gratitude.  I think those I’ll keep offline for now.  I may continue on with my Wonderful Wednesday posts but they may be different than what they originally were.

Basically, I just ask that you bear with me as I find my way on the blog again, as I find my way back to writing, and that it all be in a stress-free way. That it be fun and uplifting, not a chore.

So… here I go… finding my voice… finding my way back to me…


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