Making the best of it

60468396086__3db8f1b6-5817-4a5e-99d4-f779264fde88Wow, I just knew I’d be back over here in a day or two after my last post but then things went wonky.

I started trying to decide whether our little churches should continue to meet on Sunday mornings.  We are a predominately elderly (over 70) congregation but we are also very small. I had to decide whether or not I felt we should risk their health for the sake of worship.  I ultimately decided not to and canceled our in-person worship services.  I worked to find a way that at least some of them would be able to join in a worship service on-line.  I’m not great at videoing myself in the first place and then I recorded it early in the morning while some in the house were still sleeping and though at the time I thought I was speaking normally, when I listened to it I was  speaking very quietly… It sounds kind of weird but I didn’t have time to redo it so… I just sound weird this time. HA!  Hopefully, next time, I’ll speak normally!a

Then we were also trying to figure out how and when to get DD home!  Do we wait till spring break or go ahead and get her now?  We finally decided it was time to get her home and so she is with us now for at least a few weeks.

I’ve been making calls and trying to check on people, in our neighborhood and also my congregants.  It’s really hard to check on them all!  I need to get a better list and split it over a few days.

So, how are you spending your time of social distancing? I’m getting ready to do a deep (sorta) clean of our house, hang out with DD and DH.  DH is still working as far as we know right now so he’ll still be gone during the day.  I figure DD and I will be going for long walks, watching movies, chatting, baking and just cooking in general.  The neighbors should be well fed with her back!  I’m looking forward to this time of togetherness.  I’ve missed it so much!  This is the Brightside of COVID-19 for me… family time, quiet time.  It’s a serious time, I know, and I am taking precautions but it’s always nice to make the best of a difficult situation.

What are you doing to make the best of this pandemic?

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