A Brick wall…

I’m still feeling a bit discouraged today. I often feel like I’m preaching/teaching to a brick wall. It’s very disheartening to see how very little difference I am making…

I talk about systemic racism, white privilege, hate only to get on Facebook and see that those seeds haven’t even kind of begun to take root… I see racist posts from those who attend every Sunday and I think… wow, I’m totally failing…

Then I see a post like the one below and I’m reminded once again that’s it not my job to change people’s hearts and minds. I’m only to plant the seed and water it, and then let God do the hard work of taking root and change.

Planting a seed… sometimes we are fortunate enough to see the seed grow and bloom but not always… actually it can seem pretty seldom.

So I keep going… I keep working to speak truth… I try to do this with love and compassion, with understanding. I try to speak with gentleness and calm.

But I’ll be honest, I really want to kick and scream and yes, throw those stones but then again, I remember that I am not without sin and I hope for others to treat me with gentleness, compassion, and love.

So… I cry silently on my closet floor for a bit and then I get up, say a prayer, put on my smile and get back to work planting seeds and watering those that I’ve already planted. Praying… for love to reign.

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  1. Oh Sweet, seeds are the best image. It will be OK. I try to remember that Facebook caters to short and sweet even though the problems we’re facing are complicated and ugly. I have faith that we’re all marinating in the complicated and sometimes make the mistake of craving short and sweet so we don’t have to be uncomfortable anymore. But the complicated message is still out there and you can’t escape it. It will be ok. It really well. Keep raising your sweet voice and living your sweet example and things will go ahead.

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  2. Jeremiah 9.1[a] O that my head were a spring of water,
    and my eyes a fountain of tears,
    so that I might weep day and night
    for the slain of my poor people!
    2 [b] O that I had in the desert
    a traveler’s lodging place,
    that I might leave my people
    and go away from them!
    For they are all adulterers,
    a band of traitors.
    3 They bend their tongues like bows;
    they have grown strong in the land for falsehood, and not for truth;
    for they proceed from evil to evil,
    and they do not know me, says the Lord.
    Thus says the Lord: Do not let the wise boast in their wisdom, do not let the mighty boast in their might, do not let the wealthy boast in their wealth; 24 but let those who boast boast in this, that they understand and know me, that I am the Lord; I act with steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, says the Lord.


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