At a loss…

So, I’ve been at a loss as to what to write about on here. I’ve done the empty nest type thing, the spiritual thing, devotions… And now… I just don’t know what I want to write. I’ve been reading more than writing lately but I really want to get back to writing more. There’s lots of things I’ve let go that I want to get back to… LOTS… but lately I never seem to have time. I very obviously need to work on time management! 😂😂

That being said… I think I’ll make Wednesdays my blogging day. What I’ll be blogging about I have no idea but I need start somewhere so that’s my plan. To write on Wednesdays. Here’s the first one… just a ramble but it’s a start.

Honestly, I’ve been busy actually living lately and I love it! So maybe next week that’s what I’ll share… or maybe not. We will see but I’m putting it on my calendar!

I’ll meet you back here next week friends and I hope to be more regular and intentional about it. ❤️❤️

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  1. I feel your pain. I had not blogged for over a year until this week. I like to be creative and I like to write but for various reasons my get up and go had got up and went. Am working to get it back.

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      1. It’s kind of a Catch-22 isn’t it. One needs some get up and go to go find where get up and go goes but if the get up and go went how do we know whence it went. 👀

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