How about a little game of catch up…

Well, it’s been a while again and so much has been going on in my life.  I’m no longer serving as pastor.  I’m back to being a housewife and honestly… I’ve missed it.  I love it, I always have.  I’ll miss serving as a pastor but I still have 2 funerals ahead of me so I get to move out of it slowly.

After my last Sunday, two weeks ago, DH and I loaded up the truck and headed to DS’s and DIL’s to help them pack up and move to their new duty station.  It was hard work but I think we’ve lost a few pounds, so totally worth it.  LOL🤣 

Actually, we loved being able to be a part of this time with them.  They purchased their first home and we got to see it and help them get a little settled.  There’s still work to do but we had such a wonderful visit.  Even with all the stresses that go with moving, we had a lovely trip.  We even all survived DH getting hangry a few times!  

Their new home is absolutely beautiful.  They have a lovely front porch that called to me constantly.  It’s my favorite place.  I could have sat there all day.  They live across from a horse ranch and though there are large pine trees, you have a wonderful view of the horses.  I enjoyed watching them roll around the grass, trot to the fence when children came.  

I started crying Saturday morning about leaving.  I’m such a crier and leaving my kids makes me bawl like there’s no tomorrow.  I made it through most of Sunday without tears, at least none that anyone could see. We had a lovely Mother’s Day. I got flowers and we had lovely breakfast together and then got Chinese for dinner! but this morning when we finished loading the truck and DH ran to get us breakfast, I started crying.  DS is used to it.  He hates it but he’s used it.  I laughed and said, “This is why your grandparents always left so early in the morning.”  He said, “so you didn’t have time to cry?” Yep, exactly.  Lol. When I told my mom this convo she said, “We weren’t stupid.” 😂 

We had a nice breakfast and then we got on the road, tears and all.  I called DD and burst into more tears.  I just love my babies, that aren’t babies anymore.  

Now we are on our way to see my “fake sister”!  I can’t wait!  We’ve been having so much fun with our weekly video chats and thought it would be fun to drop by for lunch.


What a wonderful visit we had!  It was kind of an impromptu visit but so much fun.  Our husbands hadn’t really ever met so that was fun too. We got a tour of the house they are remodeling.  It’s so neat and has the BEST water view off the Lafayette River.  (I think… lol)   We had lunch with them and talked our heads off and then got back on the road.  We are taking a leisurely drive home.  We haven’t traveled just the two of us since we went to Vermont back in 2019… that seems like ages ago… It’s not really very leisurely… have to be home Thursday but we aren’t driving all night… though we won’t be able to stop for sightseeing but we are just enjoying the alone time together.

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