Y’all I am heartbroken.  I’m so tired of this pandemic, I’m tired of the non-sensical fight, I’m tired of the misinformation that is constantly being circulated.  What is wrong with the people who started all that misinformation?  Do they just hate humanity?  Are they trying to cull the herd?  Do they think they are Thanos? (Marvel Avengers reference)  I’m serious!  

I’m not even talking about the everyday “Joe or Jane”.  I’m talking about the first person who started it all, all the misinformation.  

How many people, good people, have to die?  It’s not even just old people! (Not that that was ever okay but it was some’s excuse.)  At this point, ALL AGES are dying!  

Yeah… I just found out that someone else I know is leaving this earthly plane because they didn’t want or believe in the vaccine.  In leaving much too soon, they leave behind children…  I won’t lie, this isn’t someone I know extremely well but it is someone who is very important to some of my family members, therefore important to me. 

It just all seems so unnecessary… I can’t say that they wouldn’t have died of something else at a young age but if they had been vaccinated they would have had a fighting chance! 

I just don’t understand… 

What did that first person, stand to gain?  Why would anyone do this?  What did they have against their fellow human beings? 💔💔💔

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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