This didn’t go as planned…

Good morning! It’s been a while… I’ve been in some … places… lol I’ve traveled, I’ve cooked, I’ve cleaned, I’ve worked, I’ve read. I’ve been blissfully happy, deeply sad, horribly angry, sweetly content, full of love, and wholly loved. I’ve been moving in and out of all of these things for months. Life. It’s just weird and different but I’ve been trying to fully live it in the last several months. Even though I’ve been living and having fun or sometimes not so much fun, I’ve been at a loss for words so I’ve not been sharing much… I’ve shared the occasional Social Media Story or post but that’s it. Honestly, I’m thinking of moving over here completely… getting rid of my social media… well Facebook and Instagram anyway. They are the main ones I use and just moving over here and sharing my photos and life here. AND of course my thoughts. The only thing is… I run my business on Facebook and there’s not a another good way to do that, at least not that I know of so… Anyway, I’m just thinking…

(Weird that this is what I’ve written so far. My plan was to talk about something completely different. Maybe that’s for another post… We will see…)

You know I started my first blog back in 2005 I think… I wrote on it most everyday and often multiple times a day! I loved it! It was fun and I loved writing. I would sit down with a cup of tea and just pour out my thoughts and my heart and just leave them there. I was trying to create a front porch type of community for myself. (If you want to check it out I think it’s still there… I started it as we were preparing for DH’s second deployment. It was kind of a therapy of sorts for me. I will admit, I got a little obsessed with it at times but it was cathartic.

I slowly moved over to Facebook… not intentionally but it was so easy to connect with family and friends. Catch up with one another, share photos, and short little updates… Sherri is… and you just filled in… watching a movie with the family… getting some housework done… homeschooling with the kids… It was easy and fun.

The fun of Facebook is kind of gone… too many ads, too much anger, too many memes and not enough real life. My old blog was full of real life, tears, laughter, questions, ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I could be just as opinionated on my blog as I ever was on Facebook but it was my space, my little room out in cyberspace, just for me. Oh, there were sometimes haters that would show their ugliness and it hurt but I’d leave the blog for a few days, sometimes more, and then return with a little bit of caution, remembering that if I choose to share my thoughts and feeling in public spaces, I’m opening myself up to other people’s comments and opinions… same with Facebook. Except with Facebook those haters, those who get ugly, are family and friends… At least here they are mostly strangers.

So, anyway, this is where I am now. I have no idea where I’m going just that I’m going to have fun with whatever I do… writing, photography, playing, reading, loving, sharing. That’s really who I am so… I’ll be back eventually… hopefully sooner rather than later… I still have that other stuff I was wanting to write about here… Maybe I’ll go back to that front porch in my mind. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and come hang out with me. 😊

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  1. Your words do resonate with my activities over the past 12+ years since my first blog.
    Yes your old blog is still there (the internet does hold things), and I enjoyed reading your last few posts up to 03 Sep 2014.
    To let you know, I may be a stranger, however I am not, and will not be, a hater. <>

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