My magical day

Well, I didn’t get over here in the morning as I had planned. Life happens. Yay!! Right?

Anyway, I received a book for my birthday called “The Magical Household.” I have really been enjoying it. It’s full of folklore, old wives tales, history and more. For me it’s been fun read.

Last night I came to this part where it was talking about sleeping and how to get a good night’s rest and it said something to the point of…if you aren’t sleeping well visualize your kitchen… are there dirty dishes? If so perhaps this is why you can’t sleep, you have unfinished work to do. I laughed out loud. AND I didn’t sleep real well either. 😂

So this morning, I spent time in my kitchen, straightening up, going through papers and finding their home (most was trash) and wiping everything down. The book said, we should walk into each room and feel good about it, if we don’t… well, you get the gist. It’s not anything I didn’t already know, but sometimes we just need it placed gently in front of us again.

So… I also spent time walking through my house picking up mail that needed to be shredded, dog toys that needed to go back to their bin, vacuuming and well, just tidying up the joint. As I did it I thought about joyful moments in each room, past or future. I lit candles and worked to just infuse my home with love, joy and peace. And yeah… I infused it with a little magic too. Don’t we all need a little more magic in our lives? I do! Anyway, I thought of it as blessing my home for my family, for me.

And you know what? I had the best day! It was actually relaxing! I felt calm and happy. Well, I did.. until I just looked over and saw all DH’s stuff thrown on the piano bench!! (breathe… in…. out…) But I will gladly go hang it up for him because he’s home, he’s with me, we’re together and that’s a blessing.

Have a magical weekend my friends!

Check out this magical sunset from a couple of nights ago…

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