Letter writing…

Hi Friends! Last week was a rough week so I slacked on my blogging but I’m back again.

Currently I’m sitting looking out my front window at the beautiful colors of fall.

Ahh… So pretty. Anyway, I spent this past weekend visiting with family. We had a baby shower for my niece and she was showered with love. I commented to her afterwards, “Wow, you are so loved!” and she replied, “I really am!” And I am so glad she knew it in that moment. I hope she continues to know it and experience it for many days to come. ❤️ I never really thought about it before but that’s really what a “shower” baby, or bridal and so on is all about! Showering someone with all the love. Beautiful. ❤️

While I was visiting, my mom started going through things and we ran across some VERY old letters, some from 1911! They were so beautifully written and included so much history. I felt like I had glimpse into the life of my grandfather, who I have never met as he passed before my birth. Reading these letters got me to thinking about how there will be generations that won’t have these letters to read! People don’t really write letters much anymore and if they are written and received, many people just throw them away after reading them.

Lol this is not the case in my house, I have cards and letters that were written to me from my childhood. I have every note DH and I have ever written each other (even some emails from 2001 or so). I keep them in little chests in my closet for my children some day… I don’t know that they will keep them but they are there and starting to overflow into boxes too but I think they are important to our history! To see how we loved, how we fought (even through the mail) and how we made up too!

As I drove home yesterday, I thought a lot about this. I thought about how much receiving notes and letters and cards means to me and I thought about how much it means to me to read these letters from the past – I even have a few from the late 1800s! And in thinking about all of this I decided that I really want to start writing letters again, to my nieces and nephews, to my siblings, to friends! Not just emails, or texts but real letters or notes sent with a stamp through the mail. Did I see something that reminded me of them? Write a note telling them so! Did something funny happen? Did I read something inspirational? Am I just missing them? I want to try to write them and let them know.

I’m curious though, does anyone write letters much anymore? Do you send cards with more than just a signature on it? I’m going to start again. Today. Hmmm… who will I write to today?

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