Do you meditate?

Well, my intention was to get back here on Wednesday but that’s the day I get to spend with DD so… that didn’t happen. Then I just knew it would be yesterday, Thursday, but, alas… it also didn’t happen. So here we are today and I have no idea what I want to say. So maybe I just shouldn’t say anything, right? True, but I’m really wanting to sit down and write more so… here we are.

Meditation. Do you do it? How do you do it? Do you use guided meditations? Do you just put on some music and sit? Do you just avoid it at all costs?

We know that meditation is good for us. It can lower blood pressure, ease depression and anxiety, control pain, improve sleep… the list goes on and on. Meditation definitely has its benefits but for some reason, it can be so hard to do. That whole quieting the mind thing… it’s hard!!

Anyway, that’s where I was yesterday, meditating. For a great part of the day. I was using these guided meditations and they were wonderful! I still struggled with my mind wandering but I think it’s getting better… maybe. But I felt amazing afterward! Calm, joyful, at peace. I just didn’t want to stop! And so I didn’t! I just kept going.

I found myself smiling, crying, dozing… I found myself wanting to lift my arms to receive but also close my arms around myself at times too. A few times I had to just turn it off in the middle and rub my eyes and move on to something else but then I came back to it. I finished the night off with a little more and then slept peacefully…

UNTIL about 3:17a.m. when I was Wide.A.Wake. But that’s okay. It was probably because of all the restful meditating that I didn’t need as much sleep. I woke up, even at 3:17a.m., feeling happy and at peace. Just absolutely wonderful.

Side note… does the witching hour follow our time changes? That maybe why I couldn’t go back to sleep because that’s what I was wondering about at 3am… at the time we think of as the witching hour when spirits come to visit. I like to think of it as loved ones who have passed on coming to check in on me. Perhaps I wake up because they leaned in and whispered to me or kissed my check or lovingly touched my face… Wow, just typing that brought tears to my eyes. Anyway, just a thought…

I’m really working to mediate more often so that I can ease my anxiety, anger, frustrations and have more love, joy, and peace in my life.

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