Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving or was it a difficult day for you? Or maybe it was some of both? Mine was the later, some of both. I had a beautiful day with DH and DD but I had little pockets of sadness too.

We got rid of cable in October and have been slowly choosing our streaming services… I thought I had checked things out for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an important tradition of mine, but as it was nearing the time for it (I had googled the time and services) we realized we’d missed the first hour (DD’s favorite part with the broadway performances) but we were able to catch the balloons and floats. I told DD that this is how it was when I was little!

This was a big tradition with my daddy. I always thought it was kinda boring but he loved hollering for me to come and see… “It’s Snoopy!” … “It’s the Pillsbury Doughboy!” and so on. I’d come running in to see said balloon and we’d laugh and then go back to whatever task my mom had me doing or perhaps sneaking a noodle or some turkey skin. Then he’d yell, “You’re gonna miss it!! Santa’s coming!! Hurry! You’re gonna miss it!” We’d all come in cheering as Santa came into view.

When I moved away, he would call me and ask if I was watching, then he’d call when it was almost time for Santa to be sure I wouldn’t miss it! I LOVED it! But it’s been too many years since those phone calls have come. But now I do it with my DD. DS humors me when he’s here too. But DD and I stayed glued to it, laughing, singing… As Santa was coming though I said, “Here it is! The big finish!” and then didn’t say another word. DD and DH looked at me funny and asked why I wasn’t cheering and clapping as usual and I couldn’t speak! I just burst into tears missing my daddy so much it hurt … like it was that first Thanksgiving without him all over again. My heart was broken and raw again.. And then on top of that… DS and DIL weren’t able to join us and I missed them so much.

But that was just an on again off again moment. Most of the day we laughed, we danced, and we cooked in between. We went for a lovely, but chilly, walk after dinner and clean-up and then we made DIL’s famous pie and watched a movie.

I wanted a little Christmas cheer then so we watched Ted Lasso’s Christmas show (trying to get DD to watch the series) it was one of my favorite episodes this season and THEN it was a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! A great way to end the day.

We had some phone calls… DS and DIL, my mom, brother and sister, DH’s mom. We had some texts from friends too.

Overall it was a wonderful day making memories and loving on each other. We danced, we sang, we ate, we were silly, we were serious, we were tired but we spent time together. Now to start some healthy habits before we blow it all again at Christmas!

I hope your day was full of laughter and love! ❤️

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  1. Hi Sherri, thanks for sharing, I love traditions during the holidays, this was hard for my wife, ( lost mom in Feb.) and me…lots of change, but a lot are the same, your very blessed to have the phone calls with/from family who love you, and btw your food spread looks delicious !!
    God Bless

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    1. Thank you! I remember that first holiday after my daddy passed… it was so hard so I can totally emphasize with your wife. ❤️❤️ And you are absolutely correct. I am very blessed! Thanks for stopping by!

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