Are you ready?

How is it that Christmas always sneaks up on me? I mean every single year! Even when I get started early! It always seems to come out of no where and I find myself unprepared.

Maybe I need to make more lists and make them earlier. I know for sure I need to write down gift ideas as they come to me rather than think I’ll remember. I mean COME ON… I don’t remember anything!

I try to listen and get gift ideas through out the year but I never get around to writing them down and then I get to here and struggle with what to get my loved ones… Which is crazy because I usually get some really great ideas during the year!

I’ve been pretty busy since Thanksgiving… really before… I’ve had company, I’ve gone visiting, I’ve been cleaning and decorating… just you know the busy things. OH! I’ve spoken at two worship services too.

Plus, it’s that time of year where I go into hibernation. FOR REAL. This time of year, I have to force myself out of the house. I love just being home, reading, listening to music, watching movies, cooking, baking, you get the idea.

This is why I should really start much earlier before the hibernation begins. So, how are you doing right now? Are you all ready for the big day? Are your gifts mailed? Are they wrapped up under the tree? Or are you like me trying to get it all done now?

No matter, the season is here, the day will come whether I’m all ready or not and I will still shower LOVE on my loved ones even if their gifts arrive late. Love is really what the gifts represent anyway and boy howdy do I LOVE my loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready?

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  1. Nope. Not even close to being ready. Handsome got Covid( yes he’s vaccinated) so 14 days of lockdown for myself even though I was negative. So now cards, no stamps, no ink for the news letter and only half the gifts I should have. Feeling overwhelmed.


    1. Oh I am so sorry. That’s so hard. I hope his symptoms are not too bad and he is feeling better soon. And you don’t get it! One year I was so behind we sent New Year’s cards instead. Thinking of you! ❤️


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