Oh my tired, aching back…

Well, the decluttering and cleaning have continued!  I’ve tackled the guest bedroom… when we did a little remodel, everything got thrown in there… plus I had been using my kids changing table/chest of drawers in there since we moved into this house 12 years ago and with the upcoming arrival of my first grandbaby, DS asked if they could use it for him and I was over the moon excited to share it with them.  BUT that meant I needed to find something to replace it and that turned out to be much more difficult than expected… mostly because I’m picky and if I’m spending DH’s hard earned money, I want what I want!  😂

So that was step one in there, it took a month but I found a chest that is beautiful and looks amazing in there but it was a little bigger than the other so I needed to go through some things and then decided that the chair as a nightstand was pretty awful so it was time to rearrange things.  But it is once again a lovely space, even lovelier than before and I’m excited for my guest arriving the end of the week!

Next we (I pulled DH in to the work too) moved to the garage!  When DD moved back in for a few months during the height COVID, we created a dance studio for her out there but when she moved we moved the floor with her and moved our treadmill and spin bike out there with the intention of creating a nice space for us to use them together … instead… it too became a place of clutter and stuff just stuffed in there… BUT NO MORE!!!  Well, it’s better anyway.  We cleaned it up and arranged things a bit more neatly.  We still have more work to do but we can get out there now and make use of our exercise equipment again.  We can… hopefully we actually will!!  😁

We were so sore after moving everything from here to there and then back over here and there again but we felt great and accomplished!  I am now exhausted and think I will take a day off to plan what’s next!  The basement is what I’m thinking but that is a HUGE project… I want it done so badly but it will have to be done in stages.  I know I can do it!!  Though I may need another visit to the acupuncturist first… 

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