Bread – the staff of life

Yesterday, I decided to get serious.  See, I love baking bread but I haven’t done it in a while now.  Partly because I wanted whole grain bread and DH doesn’t like it.  He likes white bread… oh he likes SaraLee Honey Wheat bread and it doesn’t count.  

But I’m really working hard on my health and eating well.  Not dieting, not giving up anything, just trying to add healthy foods. 

Anyway, yesterday I made homemade, whole grain, seeded bread from scratch. I mean from SCRATCH! I even ground my own wheat into flour! Yep from wheat berries! I had a blast and my house smelled so good!! For tonight’s dinner we are having BLTs!!  DD and I will have it on homemade wholegrain, seeded bread and DH will use his bread.  Lol  Sounds silly, but I’m so excited!  

Years ago, I spent lots of time in the kitchen making everything from scratch.  I felt like I was doing something so wonderful for my family but then… I don’t know… carbs became bad and menu planning became so complicated that I didn’t enjoy it anymore so I just stopped baking and struggled to cook.  

I mean I still cook and I still cook occasionally from scratch but I always struggle a lot with worrying over what’s healthy and what’s not.  I worried I couldn’t make the whole grain breads myself but I did it!  I CAN DO THIS!  And still get heathy at the same time.  

So… back to the basics it is!  

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