Magick in the Mundane

You guys, I am loving today! It’s a wonderful autumn day… full of colors and rain… and magick!
Nothing like this season to bring out the magick in the ordinary, everyday things. Magick in the mundane.

I woke up this morning feeling it! Actually, let me correct that… I went to bed last night feeling it! I knew today would be all about creating and home. Enjoying this season of the year and also this season of life!

I spent time with family, I walked the dog, I worked on the laundry, I made the bed, I ate a banana! Lol And it felt wonderful and brought me so much joy!!
I even baked a little!

My family’s favorite pumpkin bread! It’s still baking in the oven and smells heavenly! Kitchen magick is my favorite.

I’ve been doing a little knot magick too, aka… crocheting! For my sweet, precious grandson.

For some reason, the word magick has become somewhat taboo in many circles but I want to bring it back!! There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of with magick. Like with anything else in life, it’s what you think about it. It’s what you put into it.

We perform magick everyday! With every meal we cook, with every stitch we sew or knit, or crochet! It’s the herbs we use, the essential oils we diffuse. We experience magick when out in nature, when holding our babies. Magick is just a word. If it scares you, call it miracles or whatever makes you happy.

Today, magick feels good and makes me happy. And since it’s so close to Halloween, why not enjoy a little good old fashioned house magick in the kitchen, on the couch, in the laundry room or even in the office. wherever you may be today, I hope your day is magical. ❤️❤️

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