Healing with herbs, oils and food

For more than 20 years I’ve been infatuated with all things herbs, essential oils and healing with food.  I took a few aromatherapist courses.  I made healing balms, and cough easing blends for family.  I was so into it my kids started calling me the White Witch.  

But somewhere… it went to the way side.  I guess I got busy being the mom to teenagers. I didn’t completely let it go, lavender oil is still my go to for an earache, and garlic is my first dose when I feel a cold coming on but I’ve always dreamed of doing more.

Anyway, I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain lately, well, it’s been going on for quite sometime but it’s gotten quite unbearable and so we are working to figure out the cause and get it taken care of for me. Until then, I’m at the mercy of NSAIDS but I feel that they have been causing some issues of their own so I decided yesterday to go back to my herbs.  I had a cup of turmeric cinnamon tea before bed last night and it helped just as well if not better than the 800mg of Ibuprofen. 

This morning I decided to drink some celery juice for my gut but it’s also anti-inflammatory so… Then I made some yummy old-fashioned oatmeal.  I originally thought it was more for my gut but as I kept doctoring it up, I realized it could be anti-inflammatory too!

Here’s what I did…

I melted some butter in my pan and tossed in some pecan pieces and pushed them around a bit, then I added a little pure maple syrup and let that bubble a minute then added my water/milk combo and my oats.  As I let that cook a bit, I opened my spice drawer and immediately was drawn to the cinnamon so I put in a few good shakes and as I stirred it, the turmeric practically jumped out of the drawer at me! So, Yep, I added a couple of shakes of it too.  Then because I love salty sweet, I added a couple of shakes of my pink Himalayan salt and a dash of black pepper to help the turmeric do it’s thing and YA’LL it was the BEST oatmeal EVER!!!   I wish I had thought to take a photo but as usual, I didn’t.  It was a lovely pale orange color.  

Good news is that I’m not missing the ibuprofen at all so far today. YAY!!

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