Good Morning!

This morning I did something. I sat at our BIG picture window and watched the sun come up. I didn’t do anything else. I just watched the sunrise. It started with just a little pink in the clouds and grew to a lot then shrank back down to just a little. I was thinking well, some sunrises are prettier than others, and then BAM! There it was… the brilliant, beautiful reds and pinks. The gray and blue of the clouds tinged with pink just above. Our view is somewhat impeded with houses and trees and I’m sure that those with views of the horizon got an even more spectacular show but you guys! It was beautiful.

I often catch a minute or two of the sunrise as I walk by the window or as I walk DH out on his way to work, but today I took time to just sit and watch the magick in the sky for 20 minutes or more. I did snap a few photos but I tried to just be present and enjoy the moment and it was lovely.

I love my life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to live in such a slow way. No rushing, just enjoying life.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a wonder-filled day. I wanted to share my photos from it but WordPress won’t accept the photos from my apple without me changing the format so… I did a photo dump on Instagram Reels. Which, for some reason, WordPress also won’t let me share… So you can find it in my sidebar or visit my Instagram.

My family is awesome and all made sure I felt special and friends called or texted throughout the day to do the same! Not to even mention all the Facebook birthday wishes I received. It was lovely.

Lately, I’ve been working to really pay attention to the world around me. As I type, birds have filled the flaming bush near my window. So many birds and it’s is amazing to watch and listen to them sing! What a beautiful reminder that we are all connected… that we all share this planet we all call home. What a lovely way to start my day… sunrises, birds, my dog in my lap and cup of tea.

This is a photo from last year that the format has already been changed on but shows a love a nature.

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