Early mornings… REALLY early…

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Y’all, I do not know what is happening… For months, MONTHS, I haven’t been able to even think of getting out of bed before 6:30am, usually closer to 7am and now suddenly, as we are preparing for time to change, I’m fully awake and ready for my day no later than 5:30am… that will be 4:30am next week!!! What the heck???

Anyone else experiencing this? Maybe, I’m just in a better frame of mind so I’m more ready to face the day, to live my life… I don’t know. I don’t really think I’m complaining… I’m actually enjoying it, but again, this will be 4:30am next week and that has me slightly concerned for my sanity.

So far, I’ve not been feeling exhausted at all or even very tired… maybe I have fleeting moments of… “Oof, I’m tired!” But then it’s gone and I’m doing my thing again. I don’t know how long it will last but I guess I’ll just embrace it.

I’ve been having a cup of tea, peacefully and uninterrupted in the mornings… no setting it aside to go pack a lunch or fix breakfast, or to answer the phone. I get to finish it while it’s still warm!! That’s a novelty for me. LOL

I’ve been able to catch the early morning news so I’m feeling a little more informed. I’ve even been getting my walk in! It’s not early, but since I’ve been getting to other things so early, my walks are not as easy to put off. I’m even thinking my yoga is going to happen today WITH a walk too!!

Maybe it’s that whole “Life is what you make of it” I was talking about yesterday. I’ve decided to be happy where I am. Maybe that’s making me excited to get my day started! Oh there are things I’m wanting/needing to do that are totally overwhelming to me but I’m determined to get to them too and not let it overwhelm me, but even those aren’t keeping me down. I’ll take them in baby steps… I’m MAKE them less overwhelming and I’ll feel so good and be so happy when I get to them so, get them I will!

Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off topic… that’s not usual either. LOL. But what is going on in this universe that is getting me up so early lately? Is it happening to anyone else?

No matter what, I think I’ll just embrace it, take naps if needed and get use this extra time in my day to my advantage.

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