Joy in the mornings

So it looks like 4am is my new morning time. It’s been pretty consistent for a couple of weeks now. I tried to make myself stay in bed till 5am the other day and ended up dozing off and on till almost 6am and I’ll tell ya, my mood was OFF. I wasn’t cranky but I certainly wasn’t happy or joyful. I know I can’t be happy all the time but the blahs just don’t suit me or my lifestyle so, I’m up by 4:30am. Yeah… I thought I’d try to make it to 5 again but remembered how I felt yesterday and jumped up.

I’ve been enjoying the joyful feeling. It’s quite addicting. I’m not sure where it’s coming from completely but I just feel content and happy to be here, in this place with my people. I wish some of my people lived closer but that’s not even getting me down.

Is it the weather? I love the cooler temperatures! This morning it’s 25 degrees (F) and I didn’t even mind going out with the dog! I love standing out there in the cool breeze looking up at the moon and stars. I don’t think I’d enjoy staying out there very long but I do enjoy a few minute out in the cook air.

Is it this app I’m using? Honestly, I do believe it has some to do with it. I love the daily meditations, gratitude reminders, and rituals. Such a great way to start or sometimes end my day. It always fills me with peace, or joy, or contentment, or all three! It reminds me to see the magic in the ordinary things. It reminds me that we all have a little magic inside us and that we are all connected.

Is it that I’m back in the kitchen more? Maybe. I’ve been enjoying cooking again. I’m still always afraid of food… “this is too fattening, this isn’t healthy enough, this is going to raise my blood sugar, my cholesterol, my blood pressure and so on…” but I’m working on it. I love dancing around the kitchen while I whip up some yummy goodness.

Is it my new grand baby? DEFINITELY!! I could just sit and look at photos or videos of him all day! I actually DO do this often. I wish that he and his parents lived closer so I could see them in person more often but I’m just happy knowing he’s out there, that they are out there living their best life.

Anyway, 4am seems to be my new normal and my dog seems to enjoy it too. He jumps right up with me and can’t wait to get outside in the dark for a few minutes. Then he comes in and snuggles right up in my lap and snoozes while I sip my tea and read or crochet. It makes for a lovely morning and a great start to my day. Plus I get some great photos of the moon this way!! Well… if DH gets up with his phone to take them 😂… This one 👇🏼is from yesterday, he’s still sleeping this morning. 😁

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