Morning Routine?

Good morning!! 

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning but I did and it was a lovely morning.  

I came downstairs and looked to where DH’s chair was and saw he wasn’t there so I assumed he was in the bathroom and went silently to the kitchen and made my tea.  As I was pouring the water over the tea I remembered I had rearranged the furniture yesterday and that the empty chair was mine and his chair was out of my view.  He’d been sitting there the whole time, probably thinking to himself, “What the heck did I do that she’s not speaking to me this morning?”  Lol. Poor guy. 

As I realized that it was MY empty chair, I started laughing and he very cautiously asked what I was laughing at and you could hear the relief in his voice as I told him! We had a good laugh about it.

I had swapped the position of our chairs yesterday because he sat near a window and was always cold and I was across the room and usually slightly warm (hello… menopause…) so it just made sense but I totally forgot as I was coming down the stairs. 

Anyway, starting out the morning with such laughter led to a morning of great conversation, no phones, no laptops, no news, just us visiting and laughing and it made for such a lovely morning. 

Usually, one of us gets up before the other, lately it’s been him, and we get started reading the news or watching it and we just kind of interact with what we are reading  here and there.  This was a much better way to start our day.  Joyfully.

Do you have a morning routine?  What do you do?  What’s first on your agenda?  I usually do a good bed stretch and moan.  LOL. But really, I start with my probiotics and tea, then I check my phone.  I need to stop that.  Lately, I’ve picked up my laptop and started writing, which I don’t mind except that I get distracted by emails, or other notifications.

I used to get up with my tea and then do a little meditation and ritual but somehow got out of that habit and I need to get back to it.  It always eases me into the day in such a positive way, but I use an app for it and again, I get easily distracted by notifications.

I also start my day with my sweet little digital frame filled with photos of my sweet grand baby.  Sometimes I find myself watching it like a TV.  He’s just so stinking cute!

Anyway, I’m working on my morning routine.  It needs a little tweaking from time to time.  I think perhaps I need to change my evening routine a little to help my morning routine… mainly by turning off the computer, completely shutting it down, so that when I open it in the mornings to write, it’s a clean slate, no email notifications, now websites open to catch my attention.   It’d be good for the computer and me!

My morning is more full than this, of course, I visit with DH, I make his breakfast and pack his lunch, I make the bed, I tidy the kitchen back up, feed the dog, wash my face and brush my teeth.  I call my mom and talk to DD too, I plan dinner and so on… When it’s warm I go for a walk, and I try to do some yoga from time to time… Lately, I’ve been doing PT a couple of times a week in the mornings too.

Wow, when I write it all out like that, I guess I really do have a pretty good morning routine… Maybe it’s more of the afternoon that needs a better routine.  Lol 

I wonder why it is that I worry about this so much?  I mean I think about it too often, it’s probably something that is talked about a lot online and somehow I’ve decided that my morning routines are lacking because they don’t look like some else’s. Hmmm… 

That feels like a pretty big realization… why am I always comparing myself to others?  Why am I always thinking I need to do my life different, or like someones else?  I’m having a break thru right here, right now, in real time.  

Hmm… well, I think today, I’m going to go just try to be more like me.  Do the things that make me happy, that me feel like me.  I think I’ll turn off my computer and put my phone on the table and leave it there.  Maybe I’ll paint, maybe I’ll read.  Maybe I’ll bake! I found a recipe for some delicious looking molasses cookies that remind me of the ones we used to have at school. Maybe I’ll clean off the desk… maybe even clean it out and see if we can part ways with it! Maybe… I have the whole day ahead of me just waiting for me to live it!

So… here I go!  Have a wonder-filled day my friends!!

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